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    Tag & Nameplate Bundle


    Animal rescue groups like the ASPCA agree: the more protections you set for your pet, the better. This dynamic duo of Tag and nameplate provides maximum protection for your furry BFF.

    Pawscout’s Bluetooth-enabled tag for cats and dogs supports walk-tracking, setting an outdoor virtual pet leash, and quickly enlisting the your community’s help if your pet gets lost. This tag won’t show your pet’s exact location: Instead, its Bluetooth beacon creates a “cone of safety” of 300 feet, and alerts you when your pet is in range—or when they stray out!

    Our nameplates come in 24 designs and attach seamlessly to your pet’s Pawscout Tag. Plus, just like an old-school tag, they have room for all your important contact info.

    Combine the Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag with a customized nameplate.

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