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Pawscout’s free App keeps your pet safe and healthy with help from a connected community.

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Every Pet Deserves a Safety Net

With Pawscout, the Smarter Pet Tag™, safety and community is always in paw’s reach. Help lost pets, connect with local pet owners, track walks, and set an outdoor virtual pet leash. All for a low price and no monthly fees.

A Free App to Help Lost Pets

Most lost pets don’t go far—that’s why it’s crucial to rally your community.

Pawscout’s App makes it easy to enlist local pet lovers in the search, and our Bluetooth-enabled Tag alerts users when a lost pet is nearby.

A detailed medical profile helps pet heroes care for your furry BFF until you can be reunited.

Connect with Pets Nearby

Build your local network of pet owners and pet lovers with Pawscout’s social tools. Share photos, arrange walks and playdates, and alert neighbors to pet hazards or pet-friendly places. Invite friends and family to expand your petwork.

Stay Twice as Safe with a Pawscout Tag

Our Bluetooth-enabled Pawscout Tag uses short-range, radar-style tracking to ping nearby Pawscouters if your pet becomes lost.

Just like a traditional pet tag, you can customize it with your own design and all your important contact info.

Track Walks from Your Phone

Track your walks with Pawscout to keep tabs on your pet’s activity levels. You can also use the Pawscout Tag to set an outdoor virtual pet leash while you’re outside.

Whether you’re hiking, enjoying a day at the beach, or relaxing in the yard, make it a safe day.

User Stories

Our thoughts about Pawscout have been nothing but positive! We enjoy knowing that if our beloved Great Dane got loose and we couldn’t find him, that Pawscout would be there for others that spot him: they can tell us through Pawscout App and mark the location last seen. I love the feature of setting up an invisible leash so if he goes out of the parameters we will be notified! I love creating his profile and adding little comments about our dog for others to know, especially if they find him: they’ll know how to approach and his temperament if need be! We look forward to getting many more for our future fur babies.❤️

Brittany & Austin

I love Pawscout! I ordered it for my pup as a Christmas present and thought their name tags looked awesome! The point of having this tag is so that others, including yourself, have access to finding the dog’s tag via Bluetooth. So I basically get to log our walks, and I can even put an “invisible fence” up so that if my dog goes beyond the ring it’ll notify me lol! Its actually a pretty neat tool to have for my energetic pup!


I am pretty happy with the Pawscout. We bought six of them. Two for our two dogs and four for our four cats. It does give us peace of mind. A neighbor of ours had a sixteen-year-old cat that got out. It was really cold out and they searched and searched but could not find him. They found him a few days later at the neighbor’s house under their front porch. He had succumbed to the elements. If they had the Pawscout, they would have been able to locate him. I do recommend the Pawscout. The tags are really nice also.

Christy H.

I purchased this product for our puppy. Unfortunately, the battery was not working properly so I contacted customer service via the app, and within minutes received a reply from the team and had a new battery in hand two days later. Love the peace of mind in knowing where our dog is at all times!

Sarah Field

As expected , it will detect your pet within 300ft. It sometimes glitches saying he’s not in range although he’s sitting next to me, I just exit out the app or refresh everything, give a few mins and it works again. I got my family and friends to install the app as well in case of emergency or if another pawscout animal is lost and walks by. It’s not super direct on located of your pet, just that hes within range or it notifies you when he’s out of range. Good to have just in case. I can also track walks and place him on a virtual leash (the back yard) so I’ll know he’s safe and didn’t run out the gate.


Surprised how well it works. Extremely easy to activate.

Charlie Paskins

I am a fan, and I routinely recommend Pawscout to friends and those on the trails who ask me about the dogs wearing the Pawscout device.


Hands down you have some the best, most personalized, helpful, bend over backwards for the customer, customer service! Makes me feel secure knowing this when you specialize in helping our furry family members find their way back home. If you put half as much attention into your app as you put into customer service, our babies are in good hands! LOVE y’all!

Joanna Crawford

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