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Another great feature of the app is that it shows you pet-friendly places in your area. This includes dog parks, Veterinarians, groomers, pet-friendly businesses and pet hazards. You can add to the community by dropping a “pin” on the map and including your own suggestion. I will definitely use this if I come across a pet hazard to warn others while I’m out on a walk or hike.

Bark and Biscuits Blog

I’m sharing this because I feel it is IMPORTANT. About a month ago, someone shared this product, and I purchased it today because it is something I’ve been looking for for quite some time. The product is called Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag, and it is a Tag you attach to your pet’s collar, and you can track them. It only reaches up to 200 meters, BUT, if someone who does not have a tag downloaded the app, and say, my dog ran past their house, they would be notified, and my contact information is on the notification. Even if you don’t have a pet, I recommend you download the app just in case. You could save a pet’s life one day.

Sydney Kabatoff

Pawscout knows how important pets are to us and they want to eliminate the heartache of loosing your loved pet by creating a community of engaged pet owners based around an interactive mobile app.

The Chic Bee Blog

We absolutely love the idea of a community based solution to lost pets. We envision that as word spreads about this technology, the coverage maps will become quite extensive, as it is such a small ask for people to have this app installed – whether they are dog owners themselves or not. The Pawscout tracker is inexpensive, easy to setup and requires no monthly fees. This is a great option for pet parents to gain some priceless peace of mind.

My Dog Like Blog

Not only does Pawscout and the virtual leash work when you are at home, but it also serves as a safety net when you are out in public. We took Ruby to a forest preserve to test the tag away from home. One of us walked with Ruby and the other stayed with the phone and again it worked like a charm. If you are dog is off leash at a park or doggie beach, you will get a notification if they are more than 300 feet from you (and your phone). Sometimes we all get distracted.

The Daily Pip Blog

I would LOVE to get GPS collars for my dogs, but the price tag is so steep. And then you have the monthly service fees too. Whew, that adds up quickly with 4 dogs. For the price, I think Pawscout will be pretty hard to beat.

Life With Mutts Blog

I highly Recommend Pawscout. It’s just a tag you can buy at a store and attach to the collar. Then I can monitor my escape artist and see when he gets out. It’s working great.

Amy Ries Murphy

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